right [rīt]
[ME < OE riht, straight, direct, right, akin to Ger recht < IE base * reĝ-, straight, stretch out, put in order > RICH, RECKON, L regere, to rule, rex, king, regula, a rule]
1. Obs. not curved; straight: now only in mathematics [a right line]
a) formed by, or with reference to, a straight line or plane perpendicular to a base [a right angle]
b) having the axis perpendicular to the base [a right cylinder]
3. in accordance with justice, law, morality, etc.; upright; virtuous [right conduct]
a) in accordance with fact, reason, some set standard, etc.; correct; true [the right answer]
b) correct in thought, statement, or action [to be right in one's answer]
a) fitting; appropriate; suitable
b) most convenient or favorable
c) reputable; approved [she associates with the right people]
6. designating the side, surface, etc. meant to be seen; designating the finished, principal, or upper side or surface [the right side of cloth]
a) sound; normal [in one's right mind]
b) mentally sound or normal; sane [not quite right]
8. having sound health or good spirits
9. in a satisfactory condition, or in good order [to make things right again]
a) designating or of that side of one's body which is toward the east when one faces north, the side of the more-used hand in most people
b) designating or of the corresponding side of anything
c) closer to the right side of a person directly before and facing the thing mentioned or understood [the top right drawer of a desk]
11. of the side or bank of a river on the right of a person facing downstream
12. of the political right; conservative or reactionary
13. Archaic not spurious or sham; genuine; real
1. what is right, or just, lawful, morally good, proper, correct, etc.
a) that which a person has a just claim to; power, privilege, etc. that belongs to a person by law, nature, or tradition [the right of free speech]
b) [often pl.] an interest in property, real or intangible: cf. COPYRIGHT
3. the true or correct report, as of a happening: with the
a) all or part of the right side
b) what is on the right side
c) a direction or location on the right side: often with the
d) a turn toward the right side [take a right at the fork ]
5. Baseball short for RIGHT FIELD
6. Boxing
a) the right hand
b) a blow delivered with the right hand
7. Finance
a) the privilege given to a company's stockholders of buying shares in a new issue of stock, usually at a price below the current market price
b) the negotiable certificate indicating this privilege
8. [often R-] Politics a conservative or reactionary position, esp. one varying from moderate capitalism to fascism, or a party or group advocating this: often with the: from the position of the seats occupied in some European legislatures
[ME < OE rihte]
1. in a straight line; straight; directly [go right home]
a) properly; fittingly
b) favorably, conveniently, or well
3. completely; thoroughly [soaked right through his coat]
4. exactly; precisely [right here, right now ]
5. without pause or delay; immediately [come right down]
6. according to law, justice, etc.; in an upright way
7. correctly or accurately
8. on or toward the right hand or side
9. very; extremely [to know something right well ]: informal except in certain titles [the right honorable, the right reverend]
agreed; OK; I understand
1. to put in or restore to an upright or proper position [to right a capsized boat]
2. to correct; make conform with fact, etc.
3. to put in order; set right [to right a room]
4. to do justice to (a person); make amends to
5. to make amends for (a wrong, etc.); redress or avenge
to get into or resume an upright or proper position
by right or by rights
in justice; properly
in one's own right
through one's own authority, ability, etc.; without dependence on another or others
in the right
on the side supported by truth, justice, etc.
right away or right off
without delay or pause; at once
☆ right on!
Slang precisely! exactly! that's right!: an exclamation of approval or encouragement
to rights
Informal in or into good or proper condition or order

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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